i’m making this post to update everyone and to plead for this to reach as far as possible. the more ppl who see this, the more likely i am to be blessed with donations. i’ve seen others get out of situations like mine and i need that kind of help more than ever. there’s a…



please sign this petition  to recognize nonbinary genders please this is about my rights and my friends’ rights and so many other people’s rights

if you dont sign it or have already signed it at least reblog it spread it please even if your blog isn’t like that even if you are cisgender or binary transgender please please

we have one day to get 50K signatures please  i’m actually begging you 



Okay, sorry, I know there’s more important campaigns but yeah

My name is Silas. I’m a queer 18-year-old nonbinary trans person, and I’m d/Deaf. I’ve been accepted to Gallaudet University starting this fall 2014, but I’m starting in July for the Jumpstart ASL program. I really need help paying the enrollment fees so that I can actually attend (as well as the cost of getting to D.C. - I’m from southern Alabama).

I’m going to study to become a teacher - preferably an art teacher - so I can provide a safe place for trans/queer students to learn in (and try to dismantle ableism and cissexism in classrooms).

Boost if you can’t donate, but yeah, I’d just really appreciate it and yeah??? idk